Apricot Stuffed Chicken Breast – Whole30 Approved

Earlier this month my friend Kelly and I had the pleasure of meeting Whole30 creator Melissa Hartwig and picked up her latest publication The Whole30 Cookbook. With new recipes in hand, Kelly and I ventured back into the kitchen to begin testing Melissa’s latest creations. Eyeing a delicious recipe for Apricot Stuffed Pork Tenderloin, we swapped the pork for chicken and got to work!

“Whole30” Apricot Stuffed Chicken Breast

For this recipe you will need:

2 Organic Chicken Breasts (Blue Goose is my favourite)
1 Tablespoon Organic, Grass Fed, Clarified Butter
1 Tablespoon Organic Bone Broth
2 Tablespoons Chopped Organic Apricots
1 Stalk Organic Celery
2 Stalks Organic Shallots
1 Tablespoon Chopped Organic Parsley
1 Tablespoon Organic Olive Oil

In a hot pan sauté your Butter, Apricots, Shallots, Celery and Parsley stirring constantly for 5 minutes. Remove from heat once lightly browned. Open the Chicken Breasts butterfly style and stuff with sautéed ingredients. Tie closed with string. Return pan to heat and sear the Chicken with Olive Oil for a crispy texture. Move chicken to an oven-safe dish and drizzle with bone broth before cooking for 20 minutes at 450 degrees or until juices run clear. Serve on your choice of greens.

This delicious Whole30 meal is great for lunch or dinner in the summer and the stuffing can be changed to reflect seasonal availability. First-time Whole30 participants may find sourcing organic ingredients to be a challenge, however as you continue to enjoy the program, you will find your pantry and fridge full of Whole30 approved ingredients – it get’s easier with time!

For more Whole30 recipes, visit the Whole30 Recipe Page.


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