Meeting “Whole30” Creator Melissa Hartwig

The Whole 30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig

With the changing calendar in January, many of us strive to make New Year’s resolutions and stick to them. If your plan includes health, weight-loss and overall positivity, look no further than Melissa Hartwig’s Whole30 program – a 30 day clean eating challenge that will quickly become a lifestyle by the end of your first cycle.

Unlike a calorie counting diet, Whole30 participants can eat all the Whole30 approved foods they desire without worrying about counting calories, weighing meals or eating powdery shakes. Simply make the switch to organic fruits and vegetables, organic, free-range, grass-fed meats and ditch the alcohol and sugar. Beyond what you see on the scale, the Whole30 results will surprise you with improved mood and disposition as well.

My friend Kelly and I meeting “Whole 30” creator Melissa Hartwig!

Both my friend Kelly and I have completed Whole30 cycles and loved the results so much, we have incorporated many of the programs practices into our daily lives when not completing a 30 day challenge. Stay tuned for a complete Whole30 recipe straight from Kelly’s kitchen.

Personally, I loved the energy boost I received when participating in this program, the ease of digestion and the overall feeling of health and wellness. During my own 30 days I tried many natural, organic products I would have never thought to consider before. Apple cider vinegar in particular is now a staple in my kitchen and I have come to appreciate the quality and science of organically grown produce.

Melissa Hartwig discusses Whole 30 at Indigo Sherway Gardens.

Meeting Melissa at Indigo Sherway Gardens was truly inspirational. She spoke about her program with pride and boundless energy while answering questions from the audience and relishing in personal success stories. Following her discussion, Melissa signed copies of her latest books The Whole30 Cookbook and Food Freedom Forever I appreciate the fact that Melissa has made tweaks and changes to her program throughout the years as new scientific evidence becomes available. As a habitual avocado eater myself, I was thrilled to have Melissa’s blessing to eat an avocado a day, while the audience in attendance was particularly intrigued by the programs recent approval of organic white potatoes (it’s a root vegetable after all!)

Thinking back many years ago to when I first read Melissa’s program as .PDF file available online, it is truly incredible the success she has built and the community she has formed. Now with four published books, she is a certified ‘New York Time’s Best Selling Author’. Congratulations!

Melissa signed my copy of the Whole30 cookbook!

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