LUMA – Toronto

Wrapping up our holiday activities, my mother and I attended a taping of the Marilyn Denis Show where were saw Chopped Canada judge Chef Lynn Crawford prepare two delicious meatless entrees perfect for winter (more on that later). Wrapping up just before lunch, we wandered down to Toronto’s Entertainment District for a quick lunch at Oliver & Bonacini’s LUMA.

Well known throughout Toronto as the owner’s of several outstanding restaurants, Oliver & Bonacini’s LUMA was no exception. Located on the second floor of the Toronto International Film Festival building, we settled in for a quick whist still upscale luncheon.

LUMA Lunch Rush

We started lunch off with O&B’s artisan bread which is an absolute must when visiting any O&B outpost. Today we were treated to sourdough bread with sweet honey butter.

I opted for the LUMA Lunch Rush which included a Prosciutto and Salami Sandwich paired with Carrot Ginger Soup and Waffle Chips. My sandwich was delicious as expected, especially knowing how good O&B’s breads can be. While very heavy in cream, the carrot and ginger soup was perfect for a cold winter day. I would highly recommend the LUMA Lunch Rush for anyone looking for a great meal with little time on their hands.

Based on a recommendation from my friend Brittney, we also ordered the Parmesan Truffle Fries which were the highlight of my experience. The truffle oil and parmesan combination is a match made in heaven. Served in a cute wooden bowl, I would go back for these again and again.

I didn’t realize when I ordered the Lunch Rush that it also included 3 warm O&B Chocolate Chip Cookies which was an unexpected treat and really made me feel like I had received great value from this restaurant. I’m not typically a dessert person, but how can you say no?!

Perhaps the best part of visiting LUMA was the realization that their “Magic Hour” includes $5.00 martini’s and manhattan’s after 4:00pm. You know where you’ll find me after work!

LUMA is located at 350 King Street West, 2nd Floor in Toronto’s Entertainment District. Click here for a complete menu.



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