My co-workers and I descended on Cluny Bistro in Toronto, Canada to celebrate the holiday season with a festive luncheon in Toronto’s Distillery District. This adorable restaurant offers upscale-casual french cuisine in a steam-punk meets Rue Cambon setting.

Never one to shy away from a drink, I got into the festive spirit with a pint of Belgian Moon beer, a delicious Belgian-style wheat ale garnished with a slice of Valencia Orange. If you are a fan of Shock Top or Rickard’s White, I would definitely give this one a try!

Cluny Caesar Salad

Our first course was the Cluny Caesar Salad with crisp chick-peas, smoked cheddar and caesar vinaigrette. In an unexpected twist on the classic caesar salad, Cluny kicked it up a notch by adding chick peas with a spicy seasoning. The heat from the chick-peas combined with fresh lettuce and less-than-subtle anchovy flavour was absolutely to die for. Caesar salad is hard to mess up, but even harder to make stand out and Cluny more than succeeded in doing so.

Cluny Roasted Organic Salmon

My main dish was the Roasted Organic Salmon with brussels sprouts, quinoa, wheat berries and buffalo ricotta. This salmon was cooked rare (to perfection) and melted away in my mouth. Having never tried wheat berries before, I was surprised by the unique texture of this side dish and thoroughly enjoyed my meal. There was a hint of sweetness to this meal which I couldn’t quite identify, however my guess would be a garnish of fig or dates.

All in all, Cluny was a delightful experience with friendly service and the surrounding Toronto Christmas Market taking place in the Distillery was a truly a wonderful addition to the holiday ambiance.

Cluny Bistro is located at 35 Tankhouse Lane, a short 15 minute walk from Toronto’s downtown core. Click here for the complete Cluny Menu.


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